Burke Boxes

Portable teaching kits filled with artifacts and specimens

More than 1,000 artifacts and scientific specimens fill our Burke Boxes—portable teaching collections designed to supplement the study of natural history and culture for all ages. Designed to enhance the study of cultural and natural history, Burke Boxes connect your students to real scientific specimens and cultural artifacts.

Boxes are developed by a team of educators and designed to support Washington state education standards.


  • All Burke Box rentals made after September 1, 2017, will be $50 for one week, $60 for two weeks, and $20 for each additional week (plus tax).
  • Burke Boxes can no longer be shipped within King County. We are happy to accommodate a weekend pick-up. Please contact burked@uw.edu to discuss accommodations.
  • Burke Box reservations require at least two weeks advance notice


We can help! Please call us at 206.543.5591 or email burked@uw.edu.

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