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Plants & Fungi
Pile of the Elaphomyces truffles found in the ski boot.

The Herbarium helps to solve a mysterious discovery—in ski boots of all places! 

The Burke Museum Herbarium is revising the guide to vascular plants of the Pacific Northwest.

flowering purple butterfly bush

Graduate student John Chau discovers the origin of the Butterfly-bush, a familiar flowering plant in the Seattle area.

Beginning 4,000 years ago, people shifted from living solely on wild foods to farming and raising domestic animals. Why did this change occur?

A Burke Museum graduate student travels to Colombia to study the tropical diversity of river-weed plants. 

A new method of sampling fossil leaves allows researchers to more accurately predict climate temperatures.

preserved plant specimen on page with herbarium stamp

More than 2.4 million plant, fungal, lichen, and algal specimen records from the Pacific Northwest.

small purple flowers

Images and information about bloom time, habitat, and distribution range for more than 2,700 plant species that grow wild in Washington.

Photo of fireweed in bloom

Images, species descriptions, range maps and bloom period for more than 850 common wildflowers, shrubs and vines that occur in Washington.

Woman kneeling on forest bed

How tiny fossilized plant particles in Costa Rica can be used to reconstruct past landscapes.

sketches of Centaurea plants

We’re revising Flora of the Pacific Northwest, published in 1973, with updated information for over 5,300 varieties of vascular plants.


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