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New Burke
The rooftop skylight brings in natural light into the New Burke, from top to bottom.

The New Burke is coming together, with gorgeous skylights illuminating progress on the interior of the building.

Tribal elders from across Washington offered a cedar brushing ceremony to acknowledge the commitment of the Burke community during the move to the new facility.

The exterior of the new burke construction site as of November 17th, 2017

The New Burke building is now fully enclosed (just in time for the rain!) and the power is on.  

New Burke windows with blue sky

The New Burke siding continues to go up as the exterior elevator used by construction crews comes down. 

A crane is used to apply siding to the New Burke

The construction of the New Burke Museum continues to move at an impressive pace! Take a peek inside.

Construction of the New Burke Museum is really coming along! It is nearly 65% complete. 

The New Burke on June 3, 2017

The exterior of the New Burke is really coming together, and with it comes the installation of siding!

There is one less crane in the Seattle skyline after crews removed the 39-meter-tall crane from the New Burke construction site.

One year ago today, on May 18, 2016, we held our groundbreaking ceremony to officially kickoff construction of the New Burke Museum.

At the Burke, we have a lot of big dreams—from discovering a T. rex to inspiring the next generation of paleontologists, weavers, conservationists and scientists.

Model of a traditional Coast Salish longhouse

The roofline of the New Burke was inspired by the traditional structures of the Coast Salish people, the first people of Puget Sound.

The New Burke celebrated the completion of the building's steel frame with the traditional "Topping Out" ceremony in early February 2017.


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