Siding being installed on New Burke

June 29, 2017
Burke Museum

The exterior of the New Burke is really coming together, and with it comes the installation of siding! 

The vertical siding being installed on the New Burke is an eco-friendly wood composite called Kebony. When first applied, it is a rich brown color but slowly turns to more of a dark gray as it weathers. It compliments the New Burke’s shed-style roof inspired by the traditional structures of the Coast Salish people, the first people of Puget Sound.  

We’re closer to finishing the building’s exterior and getting to work on the interior of the New Burke now. It’s looking less like a construction site and more like a building these days! 

How the Kebony wood composite looks when it’s first applied.
Photo: Burke Museum

How the Kebony wood composite will look after it’s weathered.
Photo: Burke Museum


Similar to the “inside-out” vision for the New Burke experience, we hope to provide a glimpse into the two-year construction of the New Burke Museum. Visit the New Burke Project page for answers to common questions about the project. The Burke Museum is open during construction of the New Burke! Plan your visit today. 

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